April 26, 2011's THAT TIME of year again...

I'm pulling my hair out trying to come up with "Teacher Appreciation" gifts. Last year I did these tote bags, so how do I top that? (Actually, I have it a trifle easier since I am the teacher for 2 of my boys this year...) The most difficult will be something for two male high school instructors. (Somehow I don't believe a watermelon tote will make the cut!)

High on my list of possibilities are embroidered lace bookmarks (in school colors, of course!) My favorite is this one:

but it takes a ton of thread!

I made a couple like this for Easter gifts:

but they seem a little small. (Do love the little tassel, though, which looks "real" after the WSS is soaked out...)

Since it's next week, I've got a little time to design & stitch out. I think I'll start working on the "Thank You" cards. My mind is leaning towards hitting the Scrabble board again... (I loved doing these two... One for a teacher's b-day & one for a bridal shower.)

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  1. I love the Scrabble board. And I still think you can never have too many tote bags.


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