April 5, 2011


(Don't you ♥ this tea table teapot?)
 About a month ago I was with my friend Sara at an antique show. 
(keep your eye on the guy in the center...)

(Check out those shoes!)

She was selling quite a bit of her Civil War stuff!

(Incredible bayonette & varying sizes of musket balls & other battle field finds. People pay a whole lotta $$$ for those...)
I needed to stretch my legs, so I went around to a couple other booths.

I found an incredible ecru hand-cross-stitched tablecloth. It matched the theme of her bedroom re-do. (We couldn't decide whether to use it for curtains, duvet or dust ruffle...)

So, in my stash back at home I knew had a piece that would do nicely for a dresser scarf. I went searching through my cross stitch alphbet designs. I found what I liked from Patti's Creative Studio.

So, I "cross-stitched" her initial on it.

It should go nicely with the vintage piece in the bedroom... or with the lovely cloths she is now picking up every chance she gets at auction!

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  1. It's a good thing I wasn't at that antique show. More than one thing would have had to come home with me!


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