May 4, 2016

…then there was that Cali trip…

stretchOur lives kinda get put on “hold” from the end of January through the beginning of April to allow our sons to participate in Indoor Percussion competitions. (I bragged about last year’s season here…) Most Saturdays were spent driving to schools in Mesa or Gilbert to watch them compete; then traveling back home in the wee hours of the morning.1st showTheir show this year was entitled “ELASTICTY” and featured the musicians playing their instruments while stretching elastic ribbons, snapping the bands, bouncing balls & a little trampolining. I made myself a couple shirts with this sentiment:#ohsnap

In March our school had the privilege of competing in WGI’s Western Championship in San Bernardino. The hubs took a couple days “off work” and we drove over for a fun weekend.

castawayWe met some friends for dinner at The Castaway.

viewThe weather was lovelyyumthe view was incrediblesalmonand the food was delicious.myLoveWe enjoyed the atmosphere so very much! (And of course, my battery died so I couldn’t grab any night shots…)

Next morning after the boys’ first competition, we decided to brave traffic and head to Huntington Beach. We were rewarded by tons of traffic & this little blessing:rockBut sun, sand & surf soothed the anxiety.ahhhhhhAnd so did our dinner at Wahoo’s!shrimp burritoWe walked around town until dark, hoping traffic on the freeways would clear (no such luck!)huntington

Next morning we headed back to the competition site for finals.finals

We were also able to watch a few of the world-class groups perform – so awesome!worlds

Then we said goodbye to CSUSB and headed for home…Coussoulis Arena


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