May 2, 2016

My goodfellas

fellas (4)

When my fellas were youngerdenim familyI could dress them as I pleased…sailor babyIt became more difficult as they got olderelf hatand grew notions of what they wouldrodeo day

andbob builder

would not wear.spirit week


Well, Friday night brought the occasion of the Senior Banquet at church. fellas (1)The theme was “20’s ganster” fellas (5)and these two described to me their desired attire. I shopped a couple Goodwill stores on Thursday-Dollar-Tag-Day and found their wool suits, for $1 each! The real surprise was how well the pin-stripe suit fit my hard-to-fit fella – it was almost as if the jacket was tailored to him.fellas (3)Their hats (& the white tie) we ordered from Amazon. I stitched up the pocket scarves from my stash. (There were plans to make “wingtip” shoes with white contact paper, but the contact paper wasn’t in agreement…) fellas (2)I think we nailed it!

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