June 1, 2015

catching up: proud mama moment(s)

champsFrom the time he auditioned prior to Christmas break until March 28th, our middle son & his band mates worked hard on their show.evalshowTheir director was phenomenal & designed/choreographed/whipped-into-shape this incredible display of musicianship and Williams Field HSThese kids spent hours on school days & Saturdays practicing their routine.jumpKeith & I only missed one of their competitions (because we were in Cali for friends’ wedding on Valentines day…<3)
The season culminated with the WGAZ Circuit Championships at Grand Canyon University (my alma mater Winking smile) Arena. It was a grueling two daysAS7H6220but our group came out ON TOP!

(*Pictures without my watermark belong to NPP. The video published by WGAZ to YouTube was filmed & edited by Tresóna.)


  1. Congrats to the band. It is easy to see why they took top honors, They. Were. AWESOME!

    1. Thanks, Cammie! That video alternately gives me goosebumps & tears. I'm so proud of the great job they did & am so excited to see what they'll come up with next spring to top this!


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