September 25, 2013

bless you, GF "Sandwich Rounds" !

Too many times we who eat gluten free have to "put up" with poor substitutes for our favorite foods. Bread is a biggie for me! Most of my childhood memories are filled with meals where my grandma served her homemade bread. Alongside those are memories of my mom grinding wheat and baking deliciously brown loaves of whole-grained goodness. Of all the foods I miss, the craving for a decent slice of bread would of course be the strongest.

I buy a loaf of GF bread at the store and complain about texture & flavor. I mix up a loaf from a recipe I've found and complain about texture & flavor. Is there no acceptable substitute for wheat bread?

Is a girl doomed to romaine wraps forever?

Then that glorious day, exactly one month ago, I saw this incredible pin:
I was looking for a flat-bread recipe, so I investigated. 
Oh! My! 
I spy panini! So... Here's my immediate pin:

It's one thing to have a bread "substitute" but to be panini-able, well then! Gotta check it out!

I won't write out the recipe for you, because I followed just as Erica has it here. (Well, first time I used kefir instead of yogurt...) No "improvements" necessary. 

I bought my almond meal in bulk instead of packaged from my health food store. 
(I saved about half price per pound...)
Weighed it out before tossing it into the mixer with the other ingredients.

(I tried some batter in my muffin-top pan to obtain a little uniformity -- unfortunately, even well-greased, the pan did not yield the desired product!)

Had absolutely no release problems when using a silicon mat.

The batter can be dropped by tablespoon.

It will spread during baking, so leave them a little room.

They brown quite nicely.

(This batch was a little "wet" so there's not as much thickness as the prior attempt.)

I made a delicious ham & cheese grilled sandwich.

I also used them for buns to hold my tapenade-topped burger! It held together to the very last bite!

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