September 19, 2013

Three-Cheese Spinach Ravioli *GF*

EJ0Pasta & cheese, cheese & pasta… no matter how you stir it up, it’s always one of my favorite meals. Well, was one of my favorite meals. Gluten free (rice, potato, bean…) noodles are not an equal substitution for good ol’ durum semolina to my palate.
When Kristen proclaimed September’s Challenge to be Pasta and Cheese; well, that was the motivation I needed to make some Melody-approved gluten-free pasta!
I researched many recipes, but I wanted one with spinach. The best one I found here. I made a few tiny adjustments, but it came out perfectly on the first try!EJrecipe*(I need to make a comment here for garbanzo bean flour haters: Yes, it does smell/taste very strong while you’re mixing it up – but I didn’t even get the slightest hint of that flavor after the ravioli were cooked. Try it! The high protein content makes it a wonderful addition to pasta dough.)*EJ1After I had mixed in enough cold water for the ingredients to start coming together, I turned it out & kneaded a few turns.EJ2 While the dough was resting in the frig, it was time to make the filling.EJ3I chose provolone instead of mozzarella because that’s what our favorite Italian restaurant uses on top of all pizzas and in many of their dishes.EJ4I was planning on using the pasta attachment for my KitchenAid, but figured I needed it to be rolled wider to fit bunches of raviolis on at one time.EJ5WELL! My arms are soooooooo fatigued from rolling all that stiff dough! Next time I will use the machine! I found that if I rolled too much at a time, it just dried out.EJ6My 19-year-old Pampered Chef Cut-N-Seal® was the perfect tool. After an egg wash & dollop of cheese, the tops fit on and sealed so nicely.EJ7I slipped them over to a waiting platterEJ8then covered each stack in plastic wrap to wait until closer to the dinner hour. (Which was later than usual because of marching band practice/drama parent meeting…)EJ9Now the ravioli are ready for a salty bath boil. We let a few of them jump right in. (I know they look a little crowded, but that’s 12 quarts of water in my pasta pot…)EJ10We took this one out after 6 minutes, and decided the rest could cook a few more. (D.E.L.I.S.H. by the way!)EJ11When you cook for my crew, pasta alone is not enough; no matter how cheesy it might be. Good thing Sprouts had their Parmesan Chicken Sausage on sale.EJ12I picked up about a pound of “spicy” and almost that much “regular” as well as some red peppers & onions.EJ13After browning the sausage & veggies, we slid the cooked ravioli in to get all cozy & saucy with it all.Not a bite disappointed anyone!EJ15All but three lonely little raviolis were consumed for dinner. (And those were finished by my son for lunch today – still yummy!)
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  1. You went above and beyond by making homemade pasta. The fact that it's gluten free just makes it all the better in my book. What great looking ravioli!

  2. Kudos for making homemade pasta, especially glutton free!

  3. Oh my goodness, this sounds amazing! And I'm so impressed that you made your own gluten free pasta too. I love the spinach in there. I wish I had a plate of these right now. Yum!


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