September 25, 2013

me & Joe

joewe’re like this, see…heart

Last week I was perusing one of my favorite embroidery design shops and found this:CaptureI knew we were destined to be together! Bought him, ran him through the processDSCN8598and stitched away until I came up withinstaBut… I just felt like I wouldn’t be happy until he was framed and hung in my coffee gallery over my pantry door.DSCN6777I carefully trimmed my cardboard backerDSCN8559and neatly swiftly glued the fabric around it.DSCN8560Paid big bucks for found a tab for hanging purposes and glued that, too.DSCN8562I know I checked and double-checked before I glued the tab, but evidently should’ve triple-checked, ‘cause I got it on the wrong side.DSCN8561Found another monster tab-top and glued it into place.DSCN8564Cute pictureDSCN8570and my husband doesn’t mind at all.DSCN8568



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