October 8, 2013

James & the Giant Peach

...otherwise known as "COSTUMING 5.0"
Saturday we bought 40 - 50 yards of orange nylon fabric. (We have to "dress" a rather large peach, ya know...) We've got this favorite lady behind the bridal counter at the discount fabric store. She measures and measures and weighs and counts all the goodies we've found for the production. Sometimes she'll ask what is this for? We tell her and she's properly amazed at our collective creativity.  Svetlana misses us if we don't show up every 3 months, or so...
(forgot to add Centipede's fabric to the stack...)

After the fabric store we hit Goodwill (along with half of Phoenix...) to find some outfits and particular pieces to alter for costumes. We grabbed a fabulous pair of corduroy trousers for Old Mr. Grasshopper. Unfortunately, we needed green. Fortunately, I have a 10 year-old box of dark green Rit dye.
(yup -- '03!)

Yesterday I cut, serged, sewed, and pressed.
(Aunt Sponge's wardrobe basic)

Today was spent cutting, serging, sewing, pressing and dyeing.

(of course, I don't have a "before" shot...)
Tomorrow I believe I will change it up a little and sew, serge, press and then cut out fabric for the following day...


  1. Maybe sometime Svetlana could be given a "seat" at the prpduction!! Baglady

  2. You never to amaze me with your creativity!


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