September 17, 2013

Holy Ground

In our Kindergarten Sunday School class we’ve been discussing Moses’ life. Last week we talked about how God used the burning bush to get his attention after he’d run away to tend sheep in the desert.I wanted to make their snack something that would remind the students of that miraculous encounter with God.DSCN8486These “burning bush” treats were quite simple:DSCN8480Just two ingredients!DSCN8481All I did was nuke microwave the candy melts until I could pour it over the chow mein noodles. Just a gentle stir until everything was coated. And then used a soup spoon to divide it into the baking cups.DSCN8485The most difficult part was deciding whether these were cookies or candies…

(Not really – it was pretty tough explaining to the people at the Asian market what a bagged and fried chow mein noodle was. One lady even said, “Wow! Does that even taste good?” hahaha! Americanized cuisine!)

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