September 29, 2012

“faux”– boarding


In the two and a half years I’ve been blogging, I’ve seen quite a few fads come & go. Some are understandable while others leave me saying, “Why? Just who thinks this thing/process/color is vital to the existence of every blogging (or Pinteresting) household?”

Having begun my teaching career in the pre-multimedia projector & pre-whiteboard dark ages; I pretty much had my fill of chalkboards, chalk, erasers & chalk dust… That could be why I don’t “get” the current infatuation with all things blackboard. Sure, I would love to get my hands on my grandfather’s 100 year old slate (& hand-carved pencil box!) but painting the side of my refrigerator or entire hallway with chalkboard paint is not quite to my liking.

But this time I have caved (on my own terms) to the decorating dictators who demand a chalkboard in every home. Here is how it came to be:

  1. dumpster dive and find a down & out headboard
  2. store headboard in garage for 7 (seven!) years Picture3
  3. find headboard under subsequent crap junk finds Picture2
  4. dust & displace spiders Picture4
  5. paint blue 4
  6. decide it needs to be antiqued with black glaze6
  7. store outside by front door a couple months to determine what the heck to make out of it (seriously!)100_0050
  8. determine, well, the kitchen décor needs some class100_0028
  9. paint upper panel with black craft paintPicture5
  10. letter lower panel with gold Sharpie® Oil-Based Paint Pen10
  11. determine lettering would be improved with calligraphic border
  12. squint and determine “blackboard” would also be improved with gold borderDSCN5151
  13. use white Sharpie® Oil-Based Paint Pen to impersonate chalkDSCN5150
  14. be thankful it will only be viewed from a distanceDSCN5155
  15. stand on counter to place on upper cabinets & accessorize


  1. I have been known to leave all my pieces outside (that gate is still sitting on the saw horses waiting for the mantel)! I am a big believer in "character!"

    Have a great day rock star!

  2. How cute! That's pretty impressive that you kept it for 7 years, lol! The writing is so perfect; well done!

  3. Wow! I would never have thought of all the special touches that made this a fabulous piece of art! well done!


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