September 20, 2012

GF Zucchini Scones with Brown Sugar Whipped Cream

Soooooooo...  My guys were asking what Kristen (the improv director/wizard) had chosen for this month's IMPROV ingredients. 

I began by saying, "Zucchini..." but was interrupted by loud cheering because they were envisioning grilled olive oil-drizzled zucchini slices and zucchini chunks on grilled shrimp kabobs and sautéed zucchini with sliced green onions & mushrooms & Parmesan.

As I continued, "... with brown sugar," I could hear the inward gasps of despair.

NOBODY puts brown sugar with zucchini.

Until I "Googled" it and found out that, indeed, many people brown sugar their zucchini.

"Oh Mom, you are going to skip it this month, aren't you?" ( ~ the horror ~ )

So, for breakfast I surprised them with these:
Since the guys don't get fresh-from-the-oven goodies on most school mornings, the scones disappeared rapidly.  I made sure there was plenty of brown sugar whipped cream available.
(This is how I made it:)

Each one eats his scone a little differently -- no whipped cream, just butter on the side:
split, with the cream melting into the scone:
halves slathered with cream to be slurped off:
or one dollop of whipped cream per bite:
One of them even complimented me on the delicious pistachio scones!

Fooled 'em!


  1. Great job coming up with something that your family loved! Your scones look delicious and I love the sweetened whipped cream on top.

  2. Yum! Great looking GF recipe! Love the addition of coconut oil and molasses. Happy Improv to you !

  3. I can imagine the horror since all of their favorite zucchini dishes seem to be savory. I love the addition of zucchini to muffins and cake because they are so tender. I am sure these scones were delicious and the sweetened whipped cream took them over the top! Good job with the improv challenge!

  4. You sold me at brown sugar whipped cream. Now that is something I must try right away!

  5. Scones are a great idea for zucchini. I will have to give it a try.

  6. Oh, wow! I'm so excited. Gotta try this!! Thank you. xoxo My mouth is watering. :-)

  7. MMmm... I love scones and yours look great! Kinda funny because I had the opposite problem. I had a hard time thinking of something savoury to do with zucchini and brown sugar.

  8. YUM! I have to try this. Too bad I don't still have my garden full of zucchini.

    1. ha! Our garden full of zucchini baked in the summer sun. (Aided & abetted by whatever it was that nibbled all the leaves...)

  9. Your scones look wonderful, I need to make them for my GF daughter and of course the rest of us too.

    my entry: Zucchini with Onions & Brown Sugar.

  10. So glad you didn't skip out on the improv challenge this month! Your scones and whipped cream look so amazing! Funny that your children were fooled by the pastry. :)

  11. Love the scones. I always like to hear success stories about kids eating veggies in baked goods.

    Thanks for mentioning in the gf fish sauce on my teriyaki. I had already checked mine, but didn't realize there were some brands with wheat until you said something and I did a little internet research. What a pain in the neck it can be to keep things safe!!

  12. What a great idea to make scones, they look delicious.

  13. Mmmmmm...if I found warm scones with brown sugar whipped cream in my kitchen in the morning, I'd be thrilled! These look SO good!


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