September 27, 2012

gotta brag

The youngest son did a fantastic job in his Junior High school play a couple weeks ago. He was Toto. He barked & growled in the right spots, he played with ruby slippers & giant balls of yarn left by the wicked witch’s cats, and he unmasked the Wizard of Oz and brought down the house!

I was glad his costume came together in a timely fashion.three

The wired tail & ears worked perfectly on stage!wire

After the Toto suit was sent to school, I was entrusted with making Dorothy’s dress. For being a “simple” costume, it sure was time-consuming & frustrating to sew. Actually, it started frustrating me with the cutting out of so many pieces on the bias! (fortunately, my largest bias-tape maker helped out in the many-yards-long band around the skirt…)band

But, I eventually got her all stitched up so I could move on to my next

First, I made the wizard’s turban.turbam

(cheerfully modeled here by my eldest…) DSCN4657

Then I constructed the cape. It needed to be about six feet long because he’s standing on a stool & the drape of it hides how short he is.xcape

I wish I had better pictures from the production, but…

It was a marvelous play, directed by an incredible English teacher.Scan_Pic0039programme

She worked alone with 40 jr hi kids & about 10 high school assistants for stage crew & make-up. They built the set & props & learned their lines in about a month’s time.

We are so happy our sons are part of the arts program at their school! (…that means ya gotta stay posted – imma be braggin’ on the other son’s marching band, next…)

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  1. You did an incredible job on those costumes! My grandson, Jacob, really enjoyed watching the play too.


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