September 13, 2012

Tonight’s the night…

We’ve been anticipating since auditions in August. Our Toto is sooooooo ready.tototo  He came home last night with some awesome stage make-up. It will be exciting to see the entire effect tonight. I hope to get some magnificent pictures of him!

I finished Dorothy’s dress. I have no pictures because I was in a hurry & brought it to school for a fitting (& marking the hem...) Evidently there was a grandma there with her machine that day & she finished up all the final touches. I did get a few shots of the bias band (pain in the, whatever) around the skirt:DSCN4636DSCN4635
I made the wizard’s cape & turban, too:
Eagerly anticipating seeing them all in action during tonight’s premier.
(more of the completed costumes here)

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