May 10, 2011

Another lace cross...

My sis was over the other day & saw the cross bookmarks I was making for the teachers here.
"You know-w-w, I collect crosses..."

So -- I whipped her up a sweet bobbin lace hand-tatted vintage lace cross with the same design. By using a cotton from YLI, I achieved a hand-made look.

I also promised her I would make her one of my faves, like this:

Asked her what color & she replied, "oh, whatever you got lots of - black, purple?"  Well Sweetie -- you're talking to an embroiderer -- I got lotsa "whatever you got lots of" in my stash! Oh well, purple it is!

I really, really heart Criswell's lace designs. I bought this CD several years ago to make the cloth for the communion table at church. (alrighty -- when I find my pic of that, I will insert it HERE!)

(BTW - I made the angel ornament for a friend two years ago...)

Soooo -- back to my cross --
I didn't rinse the WSS out completely because I wanted the cross to have a little more body.

Add a ribbon & we're go...

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