May 6, 2011

Sometimes I really miss Grandma...

Grandma & my mom in Kentucky

My Grandma Hull has been gone for over a dozen years, now. She influenced me in so many ways!
My uncle was my wedding photographer, & he could make her laugh like no other!
Her greatest joy was to share the love of Jesus with boys & girls. Countless children were reached through Grandma's neighborhood Bible Clubs.
Grandpa & Grandma, my mom, Uncle Cary, Aunt Ruth & Aunt Margaret

For many years my grandparents owned & operated Karavan Kamp which took city kids for a wonderful week camping up north. Grandma & my mom would cook huge nourishing meals, including her homemade rolls.

My grandpa's driveway was the scene of many a vehicle repair. It didn't matter who was "mechanic-ing," Grandma always served lunch (and often dinner) to whoever was there.  I know some men would time their arrival just so they could eat her good cooking!

Grandma often sewed dresses for us. These turquoise outfits were for Easter, I believe. One time she made matching red & white Christmas outfits for our cousins as well as the three of us. (There's a large family picture with that, somewhere...) 

For five years while my parents and sisters lived out-of-state, Grandpa & Grandma (who lived about a mile away) made sure I survived. I was expected for Sunday dinner. I was rescued when my car broke down. I was cared for after dental surgery. I was slipped some cash when tuition bills were greatest. Such a blessing!
napping with "White Grandma"
Grandma went to Heaven when our middle son was three months old. She was weak and tired from her illnesses, but she would hold him for hours. As she lay in her last hospital room I brought in his portrait to keep her company. I regret that he and our youngest did not have the privilege & benefit of knowing her.

Xander, 3 months

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