May 8, 2011

Other Mothers

I wanted to give a “shout-out” today to some more inspiring moms. How blessed I am to have observed these women & their children...

Lori – you are the newest mom among us. This is a culmination of years of dreaming, planning & working toward the goal of adoption. God bless you today as you celebrate your motherhood with your children.

Julia – you raised your kids, you helped raise some grandkids, and now you are doing a bit of raising the great-granddaughters. The Lord is using you to shine out the love of Jesus from your life. What a blessing you are!

Trish – I am in awe of how amazing your boys are. Your oldest lights the room with his smile. He is a joy to care for. His younger brothers show depth of character in their sports & drama endeavors. And I love that you can still dress them in coordinating outfits!

Cathy – you are the epitome of a foster mom. It is beyond my scope of understanding how you can take in a child (or three!) on short notice, love & raise him (them) as if your own, then relinquish back to the court or birth family on equally short notice. Nevertheless, the world needs more like you – giving freely of a no-holds-barred love while it is needed. God bless you!

J.B. – Wow! You have survived sending your child off to college, which left you alone with a man and his addictions. It has been amazing to watch you complete your CR course by the grace of God and emerge empowered.

Tracee – I am humbled by the strength & grace with which you have handled this stormy start of motherhood. Our Father has chosen a path for your family that many stumble upon; but I know you & your husband & sweet, sweet boy will take each step as it comes & conquer this mountain!

And Mary – although I never met your son, I’ve learned what a terrific mom you must’ve been to raise such a fine young policeman. Your once joyful Mother’s Days are now forever marred by his absence. I pray that as the anniversary of his passing nears, God again will give you grace to endure.

Finally, to all my friends who are military wives: Thank you for the service you do our country all the thankless days – weeks – months – years you raise your children while Daddy’s deployed. God bless you for the sacrifices you make while nurturing our next generation of heroes!

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