May 17, 2011

Oh, I've been busy, alright...

Notwithstanding, I had a boy turn 13 this week. I had an out-of-town father-in-law in town house-hunting this weekend. I was on the schedule to bring snacks to class on Sunday. I baby dog-sat my aunt's schnauzer last week & blogger pretty much sucked stunk was worthless ...

But, I did complete a couple projects:

My Auntie Faith was in town for a brief visit, so I made her a lovely little tea towel to take home for her darling tea parties with granddaughter Caylin.
Doesn't it look like this was hand embroidered a century ago?

My dad's birthday is tomorrow -- I graciously parted with this

extracted from one of my Mother's Day gifts from the hubs which was this
YUP! That's a gallon of the good stuff!

I also made this for my parents' wall ('cause their 52nd anniversary is less than a month away...)

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