October 20, 2016


EJ - CCCC (22)October’s flavors for the #ImprovCookingChallenge are curry and carrots. Curry is not an ingredient our family uses much, however. I tried a batch of crackers where I toasted spices & ground our own curry powder; but alas, they taste so overwhelmingly of corriander and will probably sit on the counter until thrown on the compost heap…EJ - CCCC (1)
For the next batch I decided to add a flavor which often is used along with curry dishes: coconut! EJ - CCCC (7)
Coconut flour is normally difficult to work with because it soaks up whatever liquid might be in a recipe. (I so wish to forget the first coconut flour baked donuts I attempted…) This property, though, is a plus when it comes to working with raw carrots & crackers.EJ - CCCC (10)
You might wonder at the lack of salt in my recipe. Because the hubs is supposed to be low-sodium, I decided to add just a hint of it for a topper. You certainly could add it to the dough if you desired. The smoked sesame seeds add such an interesting flavor dimension to the cracker.EJ - CCCC
I don’t believe these will make it to the compost pile…EJ - CCCC (25)
In fact, the crumbs are being scooped into mouths right now!EJ - CCCCrecipe
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  1. Kudos to you...I never would have thought of crackers. Great Improvisation!!

  2. Thanks Wendy! Had to figure out something to carry the curry... :D

  3. I love making my own crackers, and this sounds like a winner. Great idea.

    1. Thank you, Sid. They were the best hot out of the oven!


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