October 10, 2016


madmaxish (21)Long, long time ago, when my baby boys were born, I had hopes and dreams of nurturing three members of a boys’ choir…
exor even a concert pianist.
The good Lord knew I would’ve been so puffed up with pride thinking my musical genes created this wünderkind trio…easter3boyzHe instead gave me the usual reluctant students who refused to practice unless threatened with dire video-game grounding.
…that is, until the two younger ones discovered competition percussion!alecNow our middle child is a student at Grand Canyon University.AlecHe is a member of the Thundering Heard Pep Band.
So Friday night was the school’s annual Midnight Madness (which celebrates the NCAA rule on first open basketball practice) The theme this year was the “APOCALOPES” (refering to the fourth & last year of D-1 probation!)tshirt
My son asked me way back during band camp if I would come up with a Mad Max-ish/Steam Punk-ish costume for the night. So, over the next few months I shopped Goodwill, and came up with a plan which included a steam punk-ished up rubberband bazooka:guna steam punk-ished up pair of welding goggles from Harbor Freight:gogglesa Silhouette-cut ‘Lopes Rising temporary tribal tattoo:madmaxish (10)and his big brother’s work boots…madmaxish (22)All in all it was a good look for him madmaxish (26)“LOPES UP”madmaxish (27)
But this is what we saw of him from the parents’ section…madmaxish (32)
…except for the many times the cameras caught him on the big screens!madmaxish (33)He’s the one playing First Bass (smallest upright drum) at the end of his row.
Hopefully you can catch a glimpse of him in this video of their show:

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