November 17, 2016

caramel apple butter pecan “star bread”

EJ-nutsWere I to live a thousand years I’d never be able to try out all my Pinterest pins!  But this month with our Improv Cooking Challenge ingredients being Nuts & Caramel, I was able to knock out three of them!EJ-nuts

The recipe for the slow cooker caramel apple butter I slightly adapted from here. The sweet roll dough recipe I’ve had for years, but you can find a good one here. And finally, the inspiration for the “star bread” was from this pin. EJ-nutsOHMYGOODNESS! This stuff tastes soooooooooooooo good!EJ-nuts

I love this dough – it’s so easy to work with…EJ-nuts

Unfortunately, I had to leave unexpectedly & the bread ended up raising for almost two hours! It overpowered my baking stone. Fortunately the parchment bore the brunt of the mess.20161107_061247


We also made pecan waffles to use up some leftover caramel…PicMonkey Collage

You should probably check out the other sites linked here:


  1. Holy Cow...I deem you the winner this month....3 recipes in one post....way to go!!

    1. Thanks, Wendy -- but that caramel apple butter is the star of the show, I think. I know what I'm bottling up for Christmas gifts! :D

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Rebekah. It tasted pretty good, too. :D

  3. OMG I need this in my life, like right now.

    1. hahaha! Thanks, Nichole. And thank you for another sweet Improv Challenge!


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