May 15, 2014

Tequila Fajitas & Margarisu

EJMARSUWhen I realized the Improv Challenge for May was going to be Lemon & Lime, I decided to celebrate them Cinco de Mayo style. Having fresh citrus from our trees out back makes summer so much more tasty!
First project was to make some gluten-free lemon Savoiardi biscuits (or Ladyfingers). Here’s where you can find my recipe for those.ejlfbake
Then I made a pound of mascarpone using fresh cream with a little lemon juice following this recipe from The Alchemist. (Oh! Yum! -- so easy & soooooo delicious!) ejmascarpone(please ignore the huge finger swipe in this picture… ummmmm… I have no idea how it got there…)
DSCN0562After the cheese chilled 24 hours, I blended in a half cup margarita mix to make it “spoonable” for layering in the trifle dish.
ejlimecurdI zested & juiced six little limes to make an incredible lime curd according to this recipe I prepared over a year ago. I did it all in a single sauce pan, using my stick blender to get the sugar/butter/eggs to the proper consistency.
I thought of flavoring the whipped cream with a touch of tequila, but decided since this was to be shared with three under-aged sons I should probably tone it down… Open-mouthed smile I simply whipped it with powdered sugar.

ejreadyFinally I was ready to assemble our Margarita-inspired Tiramisu so that it could be ready for the following night’s dessert.
ejsugarrimFirst I rimmed the trifle dish with a wedge of lime, then dipped it in orange sugar. ejladyfingerzI dipped each cookie into orange-infused tequila and placed them in the bowl.ejlayerzThese were topped with a goodly dollop of the margarita mascarpone. Next was a beautiful layer of lime curd, followed by the whipped cream. The layers were repeated two more times, then limes were thinly sliced for the garnish.ejmargsuI covered it with plastic wrap & sent it to the frig to chill.
With the meal’s finale taken care of, it was time to marinate the fajita meat. You can read how I did all that here.
Needed another recipe to use lemons; so we made guac with those instead of lime juice. (Funny side note: in all my “authentic guacamole recipe” research, everyone kept insisting that true south-of-the-border recipes used limes instead of lemons. Everyone else kept insisting that you had to use lemon juice to make it taste like Grandma’s. Well! Here’s your answer: ejyellowlimesI took this pic in the produce department of our favorite Hispanic market. Mystery solved!)
ejitasDinner was excellent -- but dessert was even better!ejdishedup

Would you like to see some more Lemon & Lime recipes? Check out these links from my friends:


  1. I think I know what I'm making next May 5th! I would've never though to combine margaritas and tiramisu.

  2. What a clever combination. You are one creative cook.

  3. Sounds delicious! I love lime curd and this would be right up my ally.

  4. What a clever idea! World's best trifle (and equally appropriate for Saint Patrick's Day?) :)

  5. This was such a great idea. I am always so impressed with your gluten free recipes - those lady fingers look amazing.

  6. You had me at "tequila", Melody! This looks amazing!

  7. Oh my goodness! That looks so delicious! (I'm really missing Mexican food now!)

    1. Thank you, Candy ~ It was QUITE tasty! Keith would even accept it as a Key Lime Pie substitute, so that’s saying something…
      Need us to send you a bottle of salsa or tortillas or anything? ;)

  8. What a gorgeous dessert! I'm loving the lime curd, but that guacamole looks awesome, too. I love me some Mexican fare! :)

  9. Oh Wow, Now I'm drooling, I love any thing lemon and lime and it's gorgeous to boot! Great desert and great pictures



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