May 15, 2014

Orange-Infused Tequila & Orange Sugar

When I first contemplated making a MARGARISU for May’s Improv Challenge, I knew I wanted the “orange-ish” part of this dessert margarita to be the liqueur the cookies get dipped into. I wished to mimic the traditional Italian limoncello drink; but since it would be the only alcoholic component in my dish, I decided to make the infusion with clear tequila.ejotequilaejotequila2ejotequila3
ejotequila1ejotequila4ejotequila6Assuming there would be quite a bit of sugar already in the dessert; I used stevia for sweetening the infusion. Not a good choice. A bit of sugar or honey would probably taste better.ejotequila5Here it’s aged 2 weeks. Exquisite orange flavor, but a little bitter, I think because of the stevia instead of sugar…ejotequila8
Since I had more orange zest than I wanted in the bottle, I decided my Margarisu glass should be rimmed with orange sugar.ejosugar1
ejosugar2ejosugar3My orange sugar usage has not stopped with this dessert! It tastes incredible! I’ve used it over fresh-sliced strawberries, in iced tea & sprinkled over honey on waffles. I’m looking for other areas to utilize it…

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