May 15, 2014

gluten-free Lemon Savoiardi Biscuits (Ladyfingers)

ejgfladyfingersIn order to build my #GF Margarisu (Margarita Tiramisu) I needed to make gluten free ladyfingers. I researched a bunch of recipes, but decided to base my cookie on the traditional one found here. I was not disappointed! ejgflfI believe you could probably sub any gf flour. Next time I make this I will replace the rice flour with one that is a little less grainy. ejgffloursAlso, please note that it calls for potato starch, not potato flour! (Please don’t ask how I found out the difference… it was not pretty brick at all!)
ejlfbatterI’m not sure this recipe needs a “gum” added for binding gluten-free flours. At least not the quantity I used -- for the yolk/flour mixture was almost too stiff to fold the whites into.
ejgfbaked(The batch of cookies baked on the silicon mats had a much more beautiful bottom than the ones I pried off the parchment after cooling.)
ejgftextureI was quite pleased with the subtle lemon flavor & decent texture of these little pillows of tastiness. So happy there were a couple dozen left after making my Margarisu.

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