April 18, 2013

Bacon Pad See Ew

Kristen from Frugal Antics of a Harried Homemaker is the hostess for our linky party; and she invited us to use eggs and bacon for this celebration.  Bacon & Eggs? Yes, please!0When I saw those were the theme for April’s Improv Challenge, my mind immediately went to pasta. One of my former (as in prior to gluten-free living) favorite go-to hurry-up week-night meals was Spaghetti Carbonara. Been there, done that. (Plus, I haven’t found a GF pasta that I would wish to use for the dish…) I needed a new type of recipe that hadn’t been posted on my blog before. recsIf one were to follow my facebook or Instagram postings, one would think I have a new addiction to Thai food, namely Pad See Ew. One would be correct!padI’ve been scouring the ‘net, searching for & pinning recipes that looked like they would taste as delicious as the dishes I ordered in my favorite Thai restaurants. The recipe I referenced most for my creation came from Bee Yinn Low of Rasa Malaysia. I did make a few changes: I didn’t find Chinese broccoli or fresh “river noodles” at my Asian market. And, instead of mixing soy/oyster/fish sauce(s) and sugar, I used San-J’s gluten-free peanut sauce.1Because I used dry noodles, I soaked them in cold water for an hour to soften. DSCN7190I cut up the bacon & cooked it until it was the perfect color!bacpnI browned the onion in some of the bacon drippings & then added chopped garlic.ONIONThe vegetables were the next to hit the pan.DSCN7191I returned the bacon after the veggies started getting tender.DSCN7192Made a well in the center of the pan & scrambled the eggs into it, one at a time.DSCN7193The noodles have to be very well drained. Then I was able to brown them in the pan with a little sauce. (I also added a touch more bacon drippings.)DSCN7194Mmmmmmmm! I gently tossed everything together.DSCN7195Heaped it high on a plate & let everyone dig in! DSCN7204I used tamari on mine. The hubs liked sriracha on his.DSCN7205

Check out the other guests at our eggs & bacon party:

April 16, 2013

Cinnamon Scrolls ~ a lesson on Philip

I am blessed every week to be able to share God’s love with Kindergartners at church. I love finding ways to make the Bible come alive for them.

This week the story was from Acts chapter 8 where we have the account of the apostle Philip making a divine encounter with the treasurer from Ethiopia. This influential man from Queen Candace’s court was reading from the book of Isaiah, but had no idea of the meaning of the passage.

God directed Philip to explain to him that this was all prophecy regarding Jesus. Eventually the man comprehended that the Lord of the universe loved him & wanted a relationship with him. He asked to be baptized right there along the road out of Jerusalem.

Your words were found and I ate them, And Your words became for me a joy and the delight of my heart; For I have been called by Your name, O LORD God of hosts. ~ Jeremiah 15:16


DSCN7215DSCN7216DSCN7217DSCN7222DSCN7224DSCN7226How sweet are Your words to my taste! Yes, sweeter than honey to my mouth! ~ Psalm 119:103

 New American Standard Bible (©1995)

April 9, 2013

these ARE my grandchildren

Way back in February I posted this link on my quilting-guru friend’s facebook wall asking if she wanted to participate in this:8448893696_3ac2ba0f53Cindy whipped out 5 delightful quilts (all the while eagerly anticipating the birth of a so-very-long-awaited & much-much-loved grandchild…) I’m sure five new mothers left that shower wrapped in the love she quilted into every inch of those fabrics.

Here was my contribution:DSCN6967You see, those young women could be my daughters-in-law. I have three sons who are enamored with all things military. Some day I am sure at least one of them will answer the call of duty and leave family behind to serve.DSCN6969Neither my husband or I ever joined a branch of service to fight for our country. Many men & women have served and continue to serve in my place; defending my freedoms…DSCN6978The wives who are left behind to birth a child alone; the fathers who stay home to raise children while their mother battles in the desert far away… these are our family! DSCN6980We should be taking good care of them.DSCN7036It was an honor to stitch a homey little quilt for a baby I will never meet.OHFFor the son or daughter of a soldier/airman/marine/sailor that is my representative in the war on terror.DSCN7034God bless our service men & women and the sweet babies they leave behind.Picture1


April 3, 2013

Easter shared

Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be? Love, shared?Tsuyashi and AkikoThat’s the way my day turned out. Praise God – because that wasn’t quite the way I would’ve orchestrated it…

I began my morning too early, due to my periodic insomnia. But that allowed me to accomplish a delicious dish for my family’s breakfast.IMG_20130331_050726I was blessed that all five of us were able to sit together for one of the Easter services at church. (Because we usually have one on the other campus for college-aged programs; one upstairs for high school during our service – this hasn’t happened for years!) But, I had to leave early to teach my kinders. Thankfully my youngest volunteered to help.IMG_20130330_112425In teaching my lesson, I was sobered by the fact that only two of the thirteen attendees for the week had any idea of the Easter story.DSCN7103 (And yes, these are all “Christian” families that attend church “regularly”…)I was thankful for the visual that I had prepared:

eastory(not all my original creation; idea borrowed from here)

Needless to say, I was slightly tired by the time we arrived back home. The ham in the oven was “beeping” to get out & the rice in the crockpot smelled delicious. All the guests brought food to share.

My Aunt Margaret shared a young couple from Japan with us. (They’re attending a local graduate school & wanted to spend the holiday with a “normal” American family. How they ended up at my house, I’ll never know… Smile with tongue out)DSCN7117She also shared a jigsaw puzzle.augs(Auggie does not share the fascination!)