April 9, 2013

these ARE my grandchildren

Way back in February I posted this link on my quilting-guru friend’s facebook wall asking if she wanted to participate in this:8448893696_3ac2ba0f53Cindy whipped out 5 delightful quilts (all the while eagerly anticipating the birth of a so-very-long-awaited & much-much-loved grandchild…) I’m sure five new mothers left that shower wrapped in the love she quilted into every inch of those fabrics.

Here was my contribution:DSCN6967You see, those young women could be my daughters-in-law. I have three sons who are enamored with all things military. Some day I am sure at least one of them will answer the call of duty and leave family behind to serve.DSCN6969Neither my husband or I ever joined a branch of service to fight for our country. Many men & women have served and continue to serve in my place; defending my freedoms…DSCN6978The wives who are left behind to birth a child alone; the fathers who stay home to raise children while their mother battles in the desert far away… these are our family! DSCN6980We should be taking good care of them.DSCN7036It was an honor to stitch a homey little quilt for a baby I will never meet.OHFFor the son or daughter of a soldier/airman/marine/sailor that is my representative in the war on terror.DSCN7034God bless our service men & women and the sweet babies they leave behind.Picture1


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  1. Such a beautiful gift of love, Melody. Felt Holy goose bumps while reading. Just so full of love.


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