April 3, 2013

Easter shared

Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be? Love, shared?Tsuyashi and AkikoThat’s the way my day turned out. Praise God – because that wasn’t quite the way I would’ve orchestrated it…

I began my morning too early, due to my periodic insomnia. But that allowed me to accomplish a delicious dish for my family’s breakfast.IMG_20130331_050726I was blessed that all five of us were able to sit together for one of the Easter services at church. (Because we usually have one on the other campus for college-aged programs; one upstairs for high school during our service – this hasn’t happened for years!) But, I had to leave early to teach my kinders. Thankfully my youngest volunteered to help.IMG_20130330_112425In teaching my lesson, I was sobered by the fact that only two of the thirteen attendees for the week had any idea of the Easter story.DSCN7103 (And yes, these are all “Christian” families that attend church “regularly”…)I was thankful for the visual that I had prepared:

eastory(not all my original creation; idea borrowed from here)

Needless to say, I was slightly tired by the time we arrived back home. The ham in the oven was “beeping” to get out & the rice in the crockpot smelled delicious. All the guests brought food to share.

My Aunt Margaret shared a young couple from Japan with us. (They’re attending a local graduate school & wanted to spend the holiday with a “normal” American family. How they ended up at my house, I’ll never know… Smile with tongue out)DSCN7117She also shared a jigsaw puzzle.augs(Auggie does not share the fascination!)

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  1. What a fun time you had on Easter! I love the visual you shared with your kids at church. How nice that you were able to share your "normal" family with someone from another country too.


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