May 15, 2012

Oh, no you di'n't!

alternately titled: Who 'Jacked the Wacky Cake?

In a perfect world, one can eat what one wishes without weight or allergy consequences. In this world, however, one just hopes to balance the "healthy" food with the "bad for you" food and trust your body will survive.
I needed to whip up a birthday cake for a special young man -- so I took an ordinary cake & made it quite "special" for him.

My two younger sons love to get their hands on the remnants of my iced lattes. Even better is to have their own made on Saturday mornings when I make theirs an iced mocha.
That was on my mind this morning while I was starting to stir up Alec's cake. I was making Wacky Cake, but decided to "kick-it-up-a-notch"!
I started off by using whole wheat (healthy!) flour. The rest of the ingredients stayed the same except for using a little extra cocoa. As I was getting the the water portion, my "what-if" brain decided flavored water would be just as good, so I used a cup of cold leftover morning coffee to pour over. 
Then I "what iffed" a cup of chocolate chips into the mix...
Verdict will be in later this evening.

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  1. Your great grandmother, Grayce Hull, used to make this for us as kids--no chocolate chips, but hickory nuts she had cracked for us,and we dug out the nutmeats. So yummy--60+ years ago, and I can still taste it.


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