May 1, 2012

Next Chef

So, we I decided that each Saturday dinner would be planned & implemented by a different son.

Alec, my "foodie", was first up. He had a tough time deciding between two of his favorite meals. He lo-o-o-o-o-oves grilled pork chops; but decided to go with brats.
We browsed the grocery ads and he found what he wanted at Sprouts -- knowing we could get the onions and green peppers there, too... Since he has half day of school on Fridays, we stopped by to shop on the way home.

Next day he had to remind his dad early that we were out of propane & he'd be needing some to grill dinner! His dad & I also picked up some nice soft rolls while we were at Costco.
We put the brats on to boil (we like to make sure they're nice & done inside...) and sliced up the onions & peppers for the sauté pan.
Alec went out and lit the grill for pre-heating. 
He tossed the meat (literally - tossed -- he's a little fearful of flame...) onto the grill and watched them & turned them to get some nice stripes going.

We like to pile on the peppers & onions and eat with some home-blended honey mustard.
Here's my GF version of the meal:

Job very well done, Alexander!

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  1. Is he for sale or for borrow? My chef doesn't always show up!! Baglady


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