May 5, 2012

They Did (for 50 Golden Years)

April 14, 1962 is a date very important to me & my family. It's significance for my birth family has to do with my mom being 7 or so months pregnant with me. The day played a vital role in my current family -- for it is the day my wonderful in-laws were wed. Without that day there'd be no Keith & Melody; there'd be no Zachary, Alexander or Harrison.

April 14, 2012 was a day I should've had this project finished, but that's not how I roll...

I kept adding time-consuming crafty components.
( a fake certificate & love note for the pocket...)
This is way better than scrap-booking, IMHO!
(took me a l-o-o-o-o-ng time to bend those letters with my needle-nose pliers...)
I started by printing the photo on fabric.
I then completed my embroidery elements. Their names adorned a length of flat lace. April 14 was put on a white satin pseudo ring pillow. The year I stitched on a piece I fashioned into a bow made from fabric left from my wedding gown.
Layer after layer was stitched together. Old jewelry findings, vintage lace, ratty silk flowers way past their prime all found their way onto my canvas. My hands got really tired of all the hand stitching!
I hand-stamped a little brass medallion to hang from the bow.
Each of the flowers were disassembled from their plastic components & stitched together. Some I beaded with pearls.
Happy 50th Anniversary, Mom & Dad! We love you.

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  1. A beautiful and loving tribute to a couple who gave us a super son-in-love!!! And share three spectacular grandsons with us....Baglady


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