May 31, 2012

When the "letting go"-ing gets tough...

                                      ... the tough throw a party.
Zach's high school graduation represents a huge milestone for me. And when I pass huge milestones, I get very emotional. And when I get very emotional, I cry. Lots.
(I actually survived the ceremony, I really only lost it when he played trumpet for the last time as an NCS Crusader...)
(I "stole" this picture from his friend's facebook, 'cause I didn't have a good shot like this...
Zach's the only senior -- seated on the left behind the clarinets.)
Anyhow -- back to the party: Our very dear friends Sara & Bob have meant so much to our family. Sara has transported my boys to school for five years, now. Last spring Sara asked if I wished to have Zach's party in their backyard -- otherwise known as PARTY CENTRAL.
She even cleared off her mantel for some memorabilia...
I ordered two cakes from Costco. (They are the best! I also checked pricing from WalMart bakery as well as a couple local grocery chains & I would've been paying twice as much for inferior cake & icing, & absolutely none of that delicious mousse filling!)
Zach's girlfriend & her mom made dozens of black paper cones for popcorn. (I turned a 10-bottle wine rack on its side to hold the cones upright...)
Bob popped the corn in Sara's machine.
(mmmmmm -- they make it with olive oil & sea salt!)
My mom made some raspberry cookie bars & mini cherry cheesecakes.
(Not bad for a lady in a neck brace between surgeries & therapies...)
Zach's other grandma made a couple platters of fruit kabobs.

I baked large batches of salted caramel brownies, seven dozen whole-wheat chocolate chip cookies & a double recipe of Rice Krispies with white chocolate & cranberries treats.
We dispensed a couple gallons of iced tea & some very delicious blueberry lemonade.
(Zach finished off the last of the tea after the party...)
Unfortunately, I have few pictures. Once the people started arriving (some were half an hour early!) there was no time for camera snapping. Oh well! It was a wonderful evening.


  1. Aw, I remember times like that well. Congratulations to the graduate - AND to his parents. He is a fine young man. You have done well. (Don't start crying. You'll get all stopped up.)

  2. Whew, been there with our three! I remember. :-) Congratulations, and you threw a beautiful party!!!

  3. Ohhh congrats to your son!! I love that they put up baby pics and grown-up pics. So cute. The party looks like it was wonderful. :)


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