December 15, 2010

Santa "Peakies"

Well now, I can show a couple, 'cause they were delivered today.

My good friend Sarah takes my oldest to school every morning. She teaches Kindergarten & has a snowman fetish collects snowmen.  When I saw some prim-y winter designs coming from Stephanie @ HeartStrings Embroidery I knew I had to do something for Sarah with them. First, I thought I would do a pillow with

but then I saw

and knew I had to use all three!

So, I found her a hoodie & went to work.  I modified the "sampler" with a heart so she can wear it through Valentine's Day, at least...

She loves it & wore it to work today.

Santa was also busy in the kitchen, whipping up teacher gifts:

(And yes, those are 7-inch cinnamon rolls...)


  1. Love the gifts - and those cinnamon rolls are amazing!! Happy New Year!!

  2. The rolls were QUITE yummy, according to the teachers @ NCS! I made some for the fam Christmas morning & then again (for in-laws, this time) New Year's Day breakfast...


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