December 15, 2011

Eggnog Cranberry Scones

Are you looking to impress your mother-in-law at the family's Christmas breakfast?  Are you searching for the perfect tasty morsel to bring to that Christmas tea party? Breathe a sigh of relief. You've stumbled upon the answer here!
Improv Challenge
Frugal Antic's Improv Challenge gives me the opportunity to share this scone recipe I've been developing for a couple months. Inspiration came from various cookbooks and scone recipes found at King Arthur Flour.

Start by letting those dry ingredients get all happy together:
Don't forget the beautiful cranberries!
Whisk up the 'nog & egg:
 give them some Christmas "cheer"
Stir just enough to moisten all the dry ingredients: 
Form dough into two rounds & cut in wedges: 
Place pieces onto baking parchment at least 1/2" apart: 
Brush with additional eggnog & sprinkle with cinnamon sugar:
Chill them while you preheat the oven:
Whip some cream while baking those bad boys:

So -- if you're drooling for them, here is the recipe card:
I've prepared these for my guys ("Best ever, Mom!") a ladies' luncheon (rave reviews) & many batches for my online bake sale. Yes, this scone is guaranteed to please!
"NOM - NOM - NOM!"


  1. oh those sound heavenly! definitely going to have to make them this weekend, yum!

  2. Hello fellow ICC blogger. Your scones look fantastic. Come visit and check out our cookie. Also be sure to register to win the wonderful book we are giving away. Today is the last day. Look for the Southern Fried Women post.

  3. There's nothing that makes me happier than a nice fresh and wonky looking scone for breakfast! Well done!

  4. I am looking forward to making these! Beautiful pictures, and the recipe sounds fabulous! Plus, you said it was guaranteed! How can I go wrong!

  5. Wish I hade one of these babies with my coffee this morning!

  6. You and I were on the same wavelength! Your scones look marvelous!

  7. I have nver made scones. It is on my to bake list. Excellent use of this months ingredients. Nice introduction, lol!

  8. These scones are terrific and I LOVE your writing style! Not only are they tasty -but this was such a FUN read! Thanks for sharing and a terrific Improv entry!

  9. Your scones look great! Glad to be your newest follower!

  10. I love scones with craisins in them. I'll have to try your recipe. I, for some really odd reason, always cut my scones into rounds like biscuits. I'm a new follower :)

  11. Your scones have a great looking crumb. The combination sounds wonderful.

  12. you scones look so light and fluffy. The texture is key. Glad I joined the improv challenge and saw your recipe

  13. My hubby love scones. I will have to make these for him. They look delicious. Thanks for sharing.


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