September 4, 2011

Anna's my hero!

So very proud of my "little" niece, Anna Christine.  She's my "little" sister's older daughter. (I use quotes around little, because at 5'6", I am soon to be the shortest person in the entire family...)
Anna has been a swimmer for a several years; but she is now becoming an accomplished tri-athlete. 
She bought a new suit for her first olympic triathlon coming in a couple weeks. 
I embroidered a hoodie for her...


  1. Oh my goodness......I just saw this, this is sooooo cool! Aunt Mimi this is awesome, and thank you!!! You are vary creative & I think it's really incredible what you do!!! -Anna ward

  2. Congratulations to both of you--seamstress and swimmer!! Proud of you. Nana


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