September 5, 2011

Just for me!

Once upon a time, a very good friend gave me some delightful napkins from her vintage linen stash.
I have been saving them for just the right monogram. God bless dear Sonia Showalter who designed the perfect monogram. Her Fleur de Lis II Alphabet was precisely the design my beloved napkins were awaiting. I printed out the design for my template.
I decided its placement on the napkin.
(Also had to figure out how the napkins would fit within my hoop.) 
I couldn't hoop it by the fringe, so I had to determine which rinse-away stabilizer I should use.
Placed the hooped stabilizer in the machine and maneuvered the napkin into the proper placement.
Basted the napkin in place.
Silver background stitching is finished.
Here you can see how Sonia just builds that gorgeous frame.
Frame completed, now ready for "S". I decided to embroider that in white also.
TA - DA!
The napkin will be used mostly with our white Mikasa stoneware...
but looks very nice with the vintage Franciscan Desert Rose & silverplate inherited from the hub's grandmothers.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm --


  1. your napkins are just beautifull great job


  2. Absolutley gorgeous

  3. Fabulous! And thanks for showing just how you did it. Sonia's designs are the best.

  4. Gorgeous! Love the linens and Sonia's designs are a dream to stitch. Hmmm - my last initial is S AND I have that same china from my grandmother!

  5. They are beautiful - Love em! When you tire of them - my last name begins with an 'S' also - I'll gladly take 'hand-me-downs'! LOL
    Sandy in VA

  6. Great job and very inspiring; thanks for sharing. Janet in TX

  7. Lovely work, very special touch for any occasion.


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