February 20, 2011

Stealing my bedroom

I usually gobble up my Southern Living magazine as soon as it pops out of my mailbox.  Didn't open March's until this morning. So, second or third page turn - I find MY bedroom!
Granted, I would die kill give my first-born love to have white beadboard ceiling, walls & floor...  And that yummy chandy wouldn't work as well as my ceiling fan on hot summer nights... Plus the fact I don't have beige curtains & wrought iron rods for the windows...
When I started decorating our home 10+ years ago (ummm - due to 3 boys + 1 big man, my cutesy pink & baby blue Victorian/French Country decor needed to expire...) I could not find A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G. in navy/cobalt tones. It was even hard coming up with decorator fabrics (especially in my budget range...) that would suit the applications.  When I found something I liked, I bought yards & yards. Such as my striped curtains & Jacobean valance:

Unfortunately, time & funds (did I say time?) ran low. I do have the Jacobean print partially quilted into a coverlet (even have the binding ready to go) but it's folded on a shelf in my sewing room with some salvage quilts.  I have one striped curtain complete (the other lengths are cut, just not stitched... and they lie folded on the afore mentioned stack...)

I even made an ottoman here to coordinate with my coverlet:

Therefore, in my quest for this blue & white decorating knowledge, I went to & got redirected to where I found these images:

I really need to finish my bedroom! Ya think?!? 

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