October 20, 2010

Little Miss Muffet sat on a...

Ever since I saw it on sew4home I've been wanting to make an Asian Ottoman -- especially since I can't find the "perfect" footstool.I had a length of upholstery that I'd used for cushions, so I thought that would be wonderful for my ottoman.  I wanted it a little taller, so I lengthened the pattern piece.
It was quite easy to cut out and stitch the 7 wedges together. The seams were a bit of a challenge to press flat.

The weight of the fabric made it difficult to hoop, but I "got 'r done!"

Years ago I bought the "Farsi I" collection from Sadia, but have never used more than a couple of designs on a jacket.

After finishing the embroidery came the hardest of all: making the points meet exactly. I was for the most part unsuccessful. So I did what all sewists do -- I covered some large buttons to  hide the mess enhance the appearance of the cushion.

Here's a pic with my "inspiration" fabric. This is the valance (& still un-finished coverlet) in our bedroom:


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