February 27, 2011

Baby Girl Quilt

I showed you how the story began here. Now I will give you the happily ever after ending.

I was able to obtain the correct spelling of her name & get that embroidered on the remaining solid square in the bottom right corner.  I pressed the top & prepared my batting.  All this time I was planning on backing with a black solid & binding with either a bright pink or yellow. Then in my stash I spied the perfect green piece to cut my bias strips for the binding. That would look smashing with the black! Well, what if I were to back & bind with the green? Alas, my measurements were not sufficient for both. UNLESS -- ummmm -- (hence my decision to self-bind with the backing. Not as strong, I know - BUT IT LOOKS GOOD!)

Anyhow, with that decision out of the way, I decided to "save some time" and use my basting gun & tags. (Hands over your ears, 'cause this is where my "happily-ever-after" started to look like "happily-never-after" and I used some #@(*&^ words on that %+$#!@ gun!) Not going to mention any names, but if you were missing one, save yourself about $25+ & DON'T BUY ONE! (just sayin')
Did all the stitch-in-the-ditch machine quilting with not too many problems. I did use a black bobbin & every little mis-stitch shows up against the green!

Here it is with the binding all pinned in place - just waiting for my favorite: hand stitching...
All finished, but it needs to head to the washing machine...
Love my exclusive quilt display area? HA!

All finished

& here's a shot of the back...

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