February 7, 2011

This past week

we've had record breaking lows.((BRRRRRRRRRRRRR)) Rather odd for our part of the country (for this time of the year...) Got me to thinking about scarves -- and revamping one with embroidery.

I am not really what you would call a "scarf" person. (Used to be, in a previous pre-kid life...) Once a year I do wear this:
♪♫ We wish you a Merry Christmas...♫♪

Well, last Christmas my sister gave me:

It is from Azerbaijan.

It is a fabulous velvet burn-out with long, delicious fringe.

So then, on Saturday (anticipating Valentine's Day) I embroidered this:

Lved it, so I added:
Wore it to church yesterday -- but our weather is turning warm again, so I ended up just carrying it around...

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