March 16, 2017

Loaded Potato Scrolls

I asked my fellas what we should fix for POTATO & CHIVES month. I got one request for Irish Stir-fry, and one down on his knees begging that we make Irish Nachos again. ("MOM! Aren't chives just skinny green onions?!") When I tried explaining chives are what's in the dip for Claim Jumper's Loaded Skins®, I then had a request for loaded skins. THAT was when I decided to bake bread -- loaded bread.  So, the Loaded Potato Scroll* was born.

We started with some baked, then mashed Butter Golds. How I managed to save a cup from being devoured by the crew, I have no idea.  But I did have to hide it in the fridge until I was ready to try the recipe!

The chives proved to be the tougher part of this assignment -- I'd planted some in hopes I could have a little harvest in time for the recipe, but our little 90° heatwave proved my undoing. I had to resort to a grocery package... :( 

But the filling... oh the filling!!!!! You can never have too much bacon! This is what we used:

The dough is pretty easy, and so is spreading the filling. If you've used GF flour, the making of the roll & slicing can be a little awkward...

Also, GF flour idiosyncrasies make the rising a little ambiguous.

Since flours brown differently when baked, I decided to use a thermometer to determine when the scrolls were finished.

Because it was such a lovely spring afternoon (in the shade!) we decided to make a little picnic & eat our loaded scrolls (in the shade!)

They were delicious! (...if you can close your eyes & imagine the bread part as tasty, light, fluffy gluten-filled dough!)
I think the filling could take some more bacon, though...

Here's the recipe:

(This recipe is gluten & processed sugar free. It will work using wheat flour, but please adapt the rising & baking times as appropriate.)

*Read why the fellas refer to these as "scrolls" here.

If you're interested in joining our monthly #ImprovCookingChallenge you can find that info here. In the meantime, enjoy these recipes by some of our members:


  1. What am ambitious undertaking! Potato-chive and bacon scrolls....can't think of a better combination. I do agree that bacon really does it for everything! -)

    1. Yeah, one has to ration bacon at this house... :D

  2. Nothing makes a cook's heart sing like when their family loves their food. I certainly am not surprised that your family was crazy over these bread scrolls

    1. Yes! My fellas love food! (I feel sorry for 3 future daughters-in-law, if they don't know how to cook...)

  3. What a creative idea! Looks delicious!

    1. They were quite good... I think...
      (Don't know for sure -- my taster's been "broken" for about 5 days now with some kind of sinus something.) :(
      No, actually, all 4 fellas exclaimed over them. :)

  4. Umm...Yummy!!! I will definitely be trying these.

    1. On a busy day you could "cheat" & use store-bought dough or probably even a can of refrigerated crescent dough...
      I've always loved working with mashed potatoes in dough, though...


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