January 21, 2016

German Chocolate Breakfast Scrolls

EJ-GCscrollsI love idiosyncracies of the English language across the various countries that use it. Several years back I sent in cinnamon rolls with the hubs to a men’s prayer group. An Aussie gentleman could not stop proclaiming how delicious the “cinnamon scrolls” were… So now at our house, whenever I serve bread that has been seasoned, rolled up, sliced & baked – they are designated “scrolls.”
My grandmother’s favorite cake was German Chocolate. I believe that is the only cake she requested a repeat from me. Anyhow, I decided that would be my inspiration for this month’s Improv Challenge: Pastry/Bread Dough & Chocolate 
Having determined my flavor profile, I needed a vehicle to implement it. I went with bread dough, because Grandma was a prolific baker.EJ-GermChocSCROLLS (1)The difficulty with utilizing chocolate in yeasted dough is that it is prone to inhibit the rising process. In order to try to circumvent that I was inspired to use a recipe I’d tried years ago which has pudding as a base for the dough. EJ-GermChocSCROLLS (2)It worked! I had no issues with rise…EJ-GermChocSCROLL4And the filled scrolls rose well, too…EJ-GermChocSCROLLS (7)I sampled the fresh-baked rolls – so good! EJ-GermChocSCROLLS (8)
Alas, the fellas in this house proclaimed the tops were too plain, please add a glaze, or something…EJ-GermChocSCROLLS (10)
What a dilemna! I thought the scrolls too pretty to cover. But in the end I made a dark chocolate glaze, which turned out too difficult to drizzle so I had to spread it over the warm rolls.EJ-GermanChocolateScrolls
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  1. Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, coconut, YUM. My husband would love them and I've been wanting to try my hand at yeast dough so I may have to give these a try :)

  2. Mmm...what's not to love about these scrolls. My chocaholic self and my menfolk would devour these in a heartbeat. Going to try these as soon as I can.

  3. These look fantastic, Melody! I am so impressed with those of you who make dough from scratch. Great job!


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