March 18, 2014

Wee Bit o' Irish Stirfry


ejirishstirfry (9)So, for St. Paddy’s day my family begged for Irish Nachos.

ejirishstirfry (10)I was down with that, because we still had 3/4s of our huge roasted corned beef in the freezer. But then I realized I didn’t have any sour cream or green onions... Sad smile


ejirishstirfry (2)No problemo! I went ahead and chopped, then browned the meat.


ejirishstirfry (3)I “mandolined” some potatoes nice & thin; coated them with oil and stuck them in a 350° oven.

ejirishstirfry (4)Next into the frying pan went the onion…

ejirishstirfry (5)then three large carrots…

ejirishstirfry (6)and a large head of cabbage.

ejirishstirfry (7)Ah, yes! Smells just like it should!

ejirishstirfry (8)Taters look done.

ejirishstirfry (1)And there you are ~ Irish Stirfry!

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