April 19, 2017

A day in the life of...


First thing, nap on mom's bed before she can make it -- the sheets should still be warm & cozy...

Next, sit on the buffet & watch for bird friends. Jump at window, break some cobalt glass & knock over a few plants.

Rest up for next activity in one of mom's wreath projects...

Watch out back door for cat friends visiting from over the neighbor's wall.

Play Hide-and-Seek in mom's plants.

Nap on mom's embroidery project.

Act all offended when she shoos you off the blanket. Be a martyr & nap on the cardboard insert. 

If you act quickly,  there's time to grab on the towel mom used to press her embroidery.

Ask to be let outside again and trap a lizard under a pool float.

Ah, looks like mom made the bed, finally!

"Help" mom husk the corn for dinner...

"oh look!"... 

"I should prolly help inspect the corn while I'm here! "

"I'm tired from helping with the meal. Do not disturb until you call me for dinner!" 

 Check to see if friends wish to play again.

Oooooops! Played a little too hard with this friend...

Oh! Is that how those birds keep ending up in the pool?

Hey! Looks like Nana left her seat cushion -- better check to see if it's nap-worthy...

Here's a corner by the grandfather clock that hasn't been slept in for a few days. Wait here for dad to get home from work.

Mom left some fabric samples on the piano -- I'm just gonna rest-up before it's time to get wild tonight!

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