January 15, 2015

Dinner @ Grandma’s

When Lesa announced that Pork & Rice were determined as January’s Improv Challenge ingredients, my mind (& taste buds) immediately flashed back to favorite meals at Grandpa & Grandma Hull’s house. Didn’t matter who or what time someone showed up to their home, everyone was welcomed to the dinner table. Usually dinner was accompanied by Grandma’s fabulous sponge bread.

Anyhow, my most memorable meal there was a dish she fixed quite often: Pork chops baked on a bed of rice and sauerkraut.EJ-challengerecipe

I decided to use my every day brown rice blended with a touch of some Lundberg Black Japonica™  rice.EJ-porkrice challenge (2)The sauerkraut was made from the lacto-fermented cabbage I started a couple weeks ago.EJ-lactoGrandma usually baked her meal in a 9x13 casserole… that size would not be appropriate for the appetites seated around my table.

After the rice was cooked on the stove, I browned an onion to blend in with the rice, kraut & some roasted red pepper.EJ-porkrice challenge (3)The chops were seared in my cast iron skillet, then placed atop the rice mixture.

With the oven heated to 350°, I popped the pan in for about 45 minutes to finish.EJ-porkrice challenge (5)

(My grandma usually used white rice & canned sauerkraut which would crisp up so nicely while roasting -- a few of us had been known to tussle over the nicely browned bits of tastiness…)EJ-porkrice challenge (6)What a lovely Sunday dinner!EJ-porkrice challenge (1)

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  1. This sounds so good! I love sauerkraut! It reminds me of a recipe my mom always made :)

  2. Great choice, Melody! This looks fabulous and I love family recipes like this. Yum!

  3. Oh, that looks delicious! I'll definitely have to give your recipe a try! My family loves pork cooked with sauerkraut. And black rice ... I keep eyeballing that a the health food store and this recipe would be the perfect excuse to buy some :)

    1. Thank you, Lynn -- I actually found this brand of black rice @ WalMart Market.


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