January 13, 2015

“Here’s your sign,” FARMBOY

My daddy was born & raised just about 300 miles due south of the geographic center of the 48 states. And although he “left the farm” to attend college, get married, raise a family, make a career in ministry -- I don’t think he ever really left the farm. The phrase “You can take the boy out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the boy” was coined just for him! Our “vacation” for all my growing up years was spent back on the farm -- slopping pigs, throwing grain for chickens & tinkering with tractors.

Unfortunately his beloved farm was sold after my grandparents passed away. He does retain a sliver of land near the old digs; but he’s pretty much a prisoner of our city, these days. (Unless he has opportunity to get out camping or hunting…)

So I crafted a little sign for his yard:ejFARMBOY (10)

If you’re wondering how I made it, here’s a quick look…

First, I designed & cut the lettering with my Silhouette Portrait. I then printed out a full-size rendition of the sign so I could trace the letter placement on my painted board (you know I suck struggle can’t make a straight line to save my life…)ejFARMBOY (1)Here, the contact-paper letters are applied in position. (The “n” of URBAN was the last letter I situated in place -- note orientation…)ejFARMBOY (2)Painted another coat of yellow to minimize seapage. (still unaware of “n” rotation)ejFARMBOY (3)Here come da’ John-Deere-ish green. (again, clueless on the “n” situation)ejFARMBOY (4)After the green is dry, I removed the contact paper. (NOW it is glaringly obvious that “n” has misbehaved!)ejFARMBOY (5)Anyhow, I love the roughness of the board.ejFARMBOY (6)

The sign gets slightly distressed…ejFARMBOY (8)I applied a découpaging medium with just a touch of brown paint mixed in.ejFARMBOY (9)


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