January 14, 2015

House of Cards…

Although this home houses extreme Red-Bird fans, that’s not what this post is about. (Just know we are very disappointed to be living in the city hosting the Super Bowl & not have our team show up…)

But I did want to share a few paper projects I’ve done the past few months:

ElisabethJean cards (1)A dear man turned 90 today.ElisabethJean cards (2)That’s a whole lotta-lotta candles!ElisabethJean cards (3)

And December 17th a sweet woman celebrated her 90th birthday.ElisabethJean cards (4)(This is a beautiful card cover from Bird’s Cards.)ElisabethJean cards (5)

Here are December 2014’s biscotti tags.ElisabethJean cards (6)

Nothing better than birthday bunting!ElisabethJean cards (7)

Needless to say, I put my heart into the cards I make. But it’s the sympathy cards that require heart, soul & many tears during creation.ElisabethJean cards (1)

ElisabethJean cards (10)ElisabethJean cards (8)ElisabethJean cards (9)

I even tried my hand at making seeded paper. ElisabethJean cards (11)Next time I’ll make the paper thinner so I can cut it. ElisabethJean cards (12)(No kitchen shears or box cutters were injured in the shaping of these letters -- but almost!)

I’d have to say on of my favorites was this Scrabble card:ElisabethJean cards (13)(Sorry I’ve had to blur some letters to protect the innocent.) Winking smile

I’ve some more cards in the works for Valentine’s Day, so keep watching this web space…

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  1. Your cards are all wonderful! The sympathy cards are the best, most store bought sympathy cards never express what I really want to say. I have always wanted to try seed paper, if I do, I will take your tip on making it thin so I don't have to take out the chain saw to cut it lol!


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