August 29, 2012

Painting Toto

You might be wondering why our Toto costume is so, ummmmmmm, pale...
That's easy -- it was the only faux fur at SAS we could find with a long-enough nap.
(Why does this always remind me of Peter Frampton or David Bowie hair?)
Soooooooo, decision was made to paint it. The drama teacher found this upholstery paint at JoAnn's and sent it home with the-one-who-plays-Toto.

First, however, I painted the inside of his ears pink with these markers.
Turned out kinda OK.
Then I took the finished costume outside and sprayed it with this.
Not a fan! The paint sputtered & spotted & ran & streaked (not in a good, dog-furrish kind of way...)
Evidently acrylic faux fur doesn't take too well to this stuff...

Oh well...

(see our completed costume here)

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