August 13, 2012

sewing (11.5") doll clothes

("What's wrong with this one?" you might ask...
Barbie's fingers get stuck in the antique lace...)
Wait, perhaps I should paraphrase that to say, "I suck at stitching Barbie® outfits!"
"Sorry ma'am -- did you need that crotch  area stitched?"
When the nieces were visiting last year at Thanksgiving, they accidently left behind one of their dolls. No problem! I'll just whip up a few cute little outfits & ship her back to you for Christmas...
(for some reason sewing the outside of the legs
to the inside doesn't work, either...)
ummmmmmmm -- my fingers & high-end machine would not cooperate. I downloaded some decent patterns & picked out some nice fabric scraps. I cutout two pairs of pants, a skirt, a long formal, a short lace dress and a top.
This is the only survivor:
However, Saturday I was needing some props for my Sunday School lesson the next day. I had no problem coming up with these:
I guess G.I. Joe® is just easier to sew for...


  1. And there not wearing pants. Good luck.

  2. I never could figure out anyone sewed those tiny little clothes. I prefer not to try even big clothes. Your "survivor" looked great though.


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