August 8, 2012

Sunday Dinner

We live a little over half an hour from our church. Before we met up with Dave Ramsey we used to stop at a favorite Mexican- or Chinese-food restaurant on the way home. ahhhhh -- how simple life was when we were abusing our poor little credit card...

Now, I actually have to plan ahead & have dinner pretty much fixed before we head out the door in the morning. Since it is summer time (ie oven-less cooking time...) I like to have something in the slow cooker. Some days we come home to a roast & fixin's, sometimes it will be spaghetti sauce or a casserole...

This Sunday I started out with three frozen large chicken breast portions.
I added four cups of brown rice, eight cups water, olive oil, a couple tablespoons chicken bullion, a few cloves of garlic & a handful of fresh basil, snipped.
When we arrived home I turned off the crock and added Parmesan cheese then replaced the lid while we readied the rest of dinner.
I have to say, there was a little left; but that was because Keith was called into work... (He ate his share that night!)

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  1. Mmmm......looks delicious. I may have to try that since I try not to heat up the kitchen during the summer.


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