February 28, 2012

how I create a baby quilt:

  1. facestalk the expectant couple
  2. drink a gallon of coffee while contemplating the info gathered
  3. draw grid (OK, so it's just a table...) in Publisher®
  4. scroll through embroidery designs to find items to fit the theme
  5. (buy new designs, if needed...)
  6. arrange embroidery design jpgs in grid
  7. dig through fabric stash to find cloth to fit the theme
  8. (buy new fabric, if needed...)
  9. arrange fabric jpgs in grid
10. embroider designs
11. cut remaining squares
12. lay out quilt on carpet for dog to roll on
13. stitch squares into rows, then rows together...
14. "sandwich" top with batting & back fabric
15. quilt & bind

(I'll be linking up with Skip to my Lou for Made by You Monday.)

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